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Custom Work, Word Bracelets, Etching

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sgC-001-t Sterling silver word bracelet. This "wide" cuff has a rolled edge, etched words. This bracelet uses the "Jane Austen" font.
    •WIDE: 1.75" (4.5cm)
    •MEDIUM: 1.25" (3.8 cm)
    •NARROW: 0.75" (2 cm)
sgC-002-t "The List of Important Things." Etched brass bracelet, "medium" width. You can send your personal list to be etched. This shows a hand-written script. For prices in sterling silver, bronze, brass or copper, see the listing above.
sgC-003-t An example of a custom ordered bracelet in sterling silver. The bracelet was etched with several drawings and a date and other words on the inside.
sgC-004-t Cameo brooches. This brooch was etched brass, using a vintage photograph. The "wallpaper" background from the same time period as the photograph was added to the background. The frame for the brooch is sterling silver and is riveted through the brass onto a silver back. Size approximately 2.75" by 2".
sgC-005-t Cameo brooch with a vintage photograph etched onto brass with silver frame and back. The photograph is of two young boys.
sgC-006-t "Heart Series." Heart-shaped brooch, with a street map etched into brass. Frame and back are silver. Personal maps can be custom etched. Just let us know what you want the map to include. We have adapted maps of major cities, small towns and rural areas. Your residence can be indicated with an 18K gold or sterling rivet.
    •MAPS: We can etch your maps on bracelets (see prices above).
sgC-007-t Wall Plaque: This is a detail of a wall piece to commemorate the re-roofing of a steeple of a local church. The copper came from the old roof. Some was left with the natural patina and some was etched with a map of the church's location, along with an old photograph of the steeple. Prices are dependent on size and complexity.


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